Delightful Scents
from an opulent bohemian garden

Jardin Bohème is an enchanting olfactory journey to a sensual, mysterious, and precious bohemian garden. With all its numerous delightful scents of sweet blossoms, fresh greenery and lush fruits - it lures you into the vibrant suspense of exploring the unexpected beauty in every corner. From a pure and fascinating dawn to the charming warmth during day and the splendid and opulent nocturnal fascination, Jardin Bohème invites you to encounter the versatile facets of a captivating bohemian garden.
Rendez-vous Nocturne Rendez-vous Nocturne


Enthralled by her unique, seductive aura, they surrender to the tender temptation and experience the fascinating magic of Jardin Bohème.

Tentation Délicateis an exquisite fragrance, that opens with a combination of lemon and pepper embedded in green leaves. A bouquet of jasmin and roses spreads a lively floral note and noble chrods of amber, vetiver and musk round off the promising fragrance experience.

Key ingredients:
Cedrat, pepper, green leaves, jasmine, rose, ozonic accord, vetiver, amber, musk

Épisode Romantique Épisode Romantique

sparkling. precious. romantic.

She lives for a truly romantic love story. With her feminine, effortless chic, she leads to a place full of dreamy beauty, vivacious optimism, and endless vibrancy.

The fragrance is a combination of sparkling, luminous, and airy notes. Fresh and floral freesia mingles with sweet cassis. Velvety woods enhance green cistus notes, while a distinctive amber blend captures the senses and leads to a warm and lingering aura.

Key ingredients:
Sicilian lemon, freesia, cassis, jasmin, violet, sandal- and cedarwood, amber, essential oils

Mémoires d´amour Mémoires d´amour

delicate. irresistible. joyful.

She dreams of a never ending love story. With her magical aura and distinctive cheerfulness, she inspires all those around her and invites to join her on this lovely trail.

The fragrance envelops the senses with anjou pear and sparkling lemon. Soft peony petals and voluptuous ylang ylang unveil a dreamy dry-down accord of sandalwood, tonka bean, and soft white musks. An expression of beauty in a carefree world.

Key ingredients:
Anjou pear, lemon, peony, ylang ylang, lilly of the valley, sandalwood, tonka bean absolute

Promesse Eternelle Promesse Eternelle

Tender. Elegant. Memorable.

Her perfect love story leads to an eternal promise. With her elegant and passionate personality, she makes everyone around her fall in love with life.

The fragrance is a fascinating composition of floral and fruity notes, combined with lively accents of peach blossom and bergamot. The gentle and elegant top note paves the way for the unique, floral scent of dewy peony, which comes from its velvety inside. Accompanied by enchanting notes of lotus flower, the fragrance is rounded off by a warm hint of bamboo wood.

Key ingredients:
Peach blossom, bergamot, dewy peony, lotus flower, bamboo wood

Rendez-vous Nocturne Rendez-vous Nocturne

warm. wild. passionate.

Her perfect love story is bold, tempting, and suspenseful. She has an audacious personality, that is spontaneous, fun and caring, while she keeps an eye on the important things in life.

The fragrance starts with a burst of citrusy joie de vivre, enhanced by rich and sweet marshmallow. Followed by sensual jasmine, rose, and ylang ylang, the scent spreads its alluring aura. Deep woody patchouli, white musk, and vanilla round off the addictive scent.

Key ingredients:
Orange, marshmallow, jasmin absolute, rose, ylang ylang, patchouli essential oil, vanilla

Jardin Bohème presents
five fine fragrances

The Jardin Bohème Fragrance Collection tells the olfactory love story of two people that caught sight of each other at Jardin Bohème. From the very first romantic glance to an incredible alluring tension and the ultimate passionate encounter – until a strong emotional connection called love unveils. This Fragrance Collection enhances these beautiful moments and enchanting feelings with four fine distinctive scents.