The limited Jardin Bohème Summer Collection takes you on an enchanting olfactory journey to a sensual, mysterious, and precious bohemian summer garden. With all its numerous delightful scents of wonderful blossoms, fresh greenery and sun-ripened fruits, it lures you into the vibrant suspense of exploring the unexpected beauty in every corner. From tickling sunrays on a bright summer's day to a refreshment in a turquoise lagoon to an intimate amorous play while the sunset coloures the sky in shades of apricot. Jardin Bohème invites you to encounter the versatile facets of a sun-kissed bohemian garden and to take a deep breath of the essence of summer.
scapade Solaire scapade Solaire


She loves the season of summer – the sensation of sunrays tickling her skin and sheer never-ending bright days unleash pure joy. Her energetic personality and radiant smile are so captivating that she easily spreads a feeling of joyful summer wherever she goes.

Escapade Solaire is a fascinating composition of floral and spicy notes. Acacia and vanilla orchid mingle with water flowers, while soft notes of aloe vera and lotus flower accentuate the nutty scent of almond blossom. A hint of amber, sandalwood, and musk are an invitation to enter the world of dreams.

Key ingredients:
Acacia, water flowers, almond, orchid vanilla, aloe vera, lotus, amber, sandalwood, musk

Escapade Aquaticue Escapade Aquatique


During her journey through the bohemian garden, she spots a crystal clear lagoon surrounded by lush greenery. Heated by the sun, she allows her dress to fall on the ground before she enters the refreshing, turquoise water.

After a while, she elegantly rises from the lagoon, and water runs down her bare skin. Escapade Aquatique is an enchanting composition of fresh, fruity and floral notes. The fusing green apple is refreshing, the watery marine accord is enlightened by a white floral bouquet while the cedarwood seals the creation with a noble signature.

Key ingredients:
Marine accord, blood orange, green apple, jasmin, magnolia, muguet, cedarwood, amber, vanilla

Escapade Sensuelle Escapade Sensuelle


Once she opens her eyes again, she gets approached by a handsome man who has been attracted by her overwhelmingly sensual scent. They indulge in an intimate amorous play and he fully yields to the temptation of our fragrant heroine.

Escapade Sensuelle is a creation where the solar orange flower and creamy sandalwood are illuminating the air while ginger is making the atmosphere dazzling.

Key ingredients:
Orange, ginger, raspberry, orange flower, rose, jasmin, benzoe siam, sandalwood